Privacy Please

S2, E94 - Dr. Gary M. Shiffman & Juan C. Zarate

December 08, 2021
Privacy Please
S2, E94 - Dr. Gary M. Shiffman & Juan C. Zarate
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This week on Privacy Please, we are joined by two very good friends and business partners helping fight against financial crime, Dr. Gary M. Shiffman – Economist and CEO of Giant Oak and Consilient and Juan C. Zarate – co-founder of Consilient. 

-We hope you enjoy this fun and interesting conversation! 


Dr. Gary M. Shiffman is an economist and CEO of two machine learning companies, Giant Oak and Consilient. Together, he and Juan C. Zarate co-founded Consilient. They both have really impressive backgrounds as Gary was a former Chief of Staff at U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Juan was also a former national security advisor for combating terrorism. The two have now joined forces to combat financial crime with data privacy-preserving technology. 


The importance of data privacy within financial institutions and how banks can work together to combat financial crime. 

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(Cont.) S2, E94 - Dr. Gary M. Shiffman & Juan C. Zarate